About the Challenge

What is the National HealthTech Challenge 2018?

The National HealthTech Challenge 2018 (or the "Challenge") aims to bring together like-minded people from the public healthcare institutions and solution providers to solve real health-related challenges and provide "Better Health, Better Care, Better Lives" for Singaporeans. Participants will get to ideate, co-create and validate health IT solutions that could be eventually scaled for nationwide deployment in the future.

Are there any specific themes for National HealthTech Challenge 2018?

Can you explain how this Challenge is different from typical Procurement Processes (e.g. a Request for Quotation or Tender)?

Who is the Organiser and partners of this initiative?

Problem Statement Submission

Is it a must for Seekers to submit problem statements under the stated themes?

Yes. However, we understand that Seekers could be facing other pain-points beyond the stated themes. Hence, we will accept problem statements beyond the three themes; in such instances, teams must make it explicit that they are departing from the stated themes, and must provide details of the current situation and pain-points faced.

Would all the problem statements submitted be published for Solvers to solve under this Challenge?

Can Seekers submit more than one problem statement? Is there a limit?

Proposal Submission by Solvers

Is it a must for Solvers to propose a solution that can meet at least one of the problem statements published?

Yes. The problem statements published would have been shortlisted and prioritised by the Organiser, based on real user needs (i.e. actual challenges faced by Seeker teams). Solvers are encouraged to submit proposals in response to at least one of the problem statements provided and to indicate clearly in their response which area the proposal addresses, and how it will help the Seeker to achieve the intended healthcare outcomes. We are open to receiving other ideas with the potential to impact the healthcare sector, but will evaluate those that address the published problem statements first.

Can my organisation form more than one partnership and submit different proposals?

Selection Criteria for Challenge and Participation Requirements

What are the selection criteria for participation in the Challenge?

The shortlisting and evaluation criteria for the various rounds are as follows:

Round 1: Problem Statement Submission

  • Addresses one of the Challenge themes; or otherwise clearly states the current situation and pain-points faced
  • Innovativeness, i.e. New or novel ideas with a key differentiator vis-a-vis existing solutions in Singapore.
  • Impact to Healthcare Sector, e.g. The potential to improve Clinical Outcomes, reap Cost Savings, increase Productivity, result in Manpower Reduction, or Others (to be stated clearly).

Round 2: Match-making and Building of Initial Concepts/Prototypes

  • Impact to Healthcare Sector (40%)
  • Innovativeness (40%)
  • Market Potential (20%)

Round 3: Semi-Finals Presentation and Judging

  • Impact to Healthcare Sector (40%)
  • Innovativeness (40%)
  • Market Potential (20%)

Round 4: Finals Voting and Awards Ceremony

  • Votes by up to 600 distinguished guests from the healthcare clusters during the National Health IT Summit 2018 held in July.

Prizes and/or Funding

Are there any cash prizes and/or funding given to the winning teams of this Challenge?

The aim of this Challenge is to provide the opportunity for professionals from the healthcare sector and tech industry to work together and co-create solutions to address real-world problems. Winning teams will get to showcase their proposal/solution/concept at the National Health IT Summit 2018 attended by the Minister of Health and up to 600 prestigious guests from the healthcare sector. The teams will get to gather initial interest and demand from the Summit's participants.

The Organiser has worked out a pipeline of grant schemes with the supporting agencies, and winning teams will be channelled to appropriate funding pathways. After the Challenge, the Organiser will advise these teams on the relevant grant eligibility and application process, and work with them on their funding applications, which would be subject to the criteria and evaluation by the respective agencies.

Intellectual Property Rights

Who would own the Intellectual Property Rights generated over the course of the Challenge?

All submissions to the Challenge remain the intellectual property of the Seeker(s) and/or Solver(s). Any potential intellectual property generated over the course of the Challenge will belong to the inventors, and any terms of ownership rights or licensing arrangements associated with the intellectual property shall be determined by and mutually agreed between the Seeker and Solver.

Upon the match-making/pairing of Seeker and Solver, the Seeker and Solver teams are to decide amongst themselves on the terms and conditions of collaboration and/or whether to enter into any non-disclosure statements with each other (where required). The Organiser may be involved or assist in the discussions between the Seeker and Solver in the appropriate circumstances as determined by the Organiser.

Supporting Partners