This year's Challenge focuses on three paradigm shifts by the Ministry of Health which will define the future direction of health and healthcare in Singapore.

1. Beyond Healthcare to Health

Promoting active ageing and healthy living through preventive health and disease management

Current Situation
Singaporeans are now living with ill health longer - 1.5 years longer than in 1990. How can we become healthier and be less dependent on medical care? To do this, we need to arrest the causes of ill health early and reduce the progression of long-term chronic diseases. Thus, it is important for the focus to be shifted from healthcare to health.

To design or develop a more holistic approach, including but not limited to mental, physical, preventive and financial health interventions, to encourage and support Singaporeans in leading healthier lives.

2. Beyond Hospital to Community

Enabling the transformation of care through care integration across providers, moving care beyond the hospital, to the community.

Current Situation
With the rising ageing population presenting an increasing strain on our hospital resources, there is a need to transform our healthcare delivery system from one that is built around the hospital, to one that is directed at meeting the needs of Singaporeans. What are the ways in which we can make it easier for patients to access appropriate care, help them recover faster, and enhance health outcomes while keeping costs affordable and sustainable?

To design or develop interventions that can enable Singaporeans to receive appropriate care in the community and be closer to home, so that they can stay well, recover faster and avoid frequent hospital admissions.

3. Beyond Quality to Value

Delivering value to patients through appropriate care and the efficient use of clinical resources and manpower.

Current Situation
Our healthcare budget has more than doubled in the short span of five years. This has come about because of the growing ageing population, the rise in chronic conditions and the shrinking workforce - challenges that mirror global trends. The escalating cost is also due to the increased need to invest in infrastructure. As the healthcare system undergoes a transformation, what are the long-term implications on sustainability and what can we do to tackle them?

To design or develop interventions to give every Singaporean the best value, while keeping our healthcare system sustainable.

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