NEHR could save your life

​I'm on the NEHR. I have asthma and I can’t imagine what would have happened had my records not been in the healthcare system. The NEHR saved my life in a medical emergency! 

I remember being admitted to the A&E department. My heartbeat was irregular. I couldn’t breathe properly and I felt a terrible pain in my stomach. I was also delirious and could not remember the name of my asthma medication. Thankfully, my doctor found the information in the NEHR and discovered I was suffering the side effects of my medication. Because of the NEHR, I was diagnosed correctly, treated in time and survived the health scare!

NEHR enables seamless care for you

​I'm on the NEHR. Thanks to the NEHR I received seamless care even though I had to move from one care provider to another. Only possible because important healthcare information is available in one place online.

I saw my GP to treat a urine infection, when based on my symptoms, he suspected that I may have diabetes. So I was referred to a polyclinic near my home and was later sent to a Specialist Outpatient Clinic. To my surprise, the experience was seamless and convenient. There was no need to repeat the tests. It was smooth, stress-free and very reassuring to know that all my healthcare providers are on the same page!

Better health outcomes for you

​​I'm on the NEHR. To keep track of so many medications is challenging. With the NEHR, I am assured that no matter where I go, the doctor is able to prescribe the right medication for my conditions!

I used to visit the polyclinic regularly for follow ups on my diabetes and high blood pressure. With the Pioneer Generation card, I now visit a GP clinic near my house. Luckily, I didn’t need to remember names of my pink and white and various other pills to tell my GP. The information from the polyclinic was available in the NEHR and the GP was able to prescribe the right medication for my conditions!

Personalised care for you

​​I'm on the NEHR. All the necessary information is on the NEHR. This allows doctors to make a more accurate diagnosis. My child is also able to receive earlier treatment!

My 6 month old baby was running a fever and showed symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections. Thankfully his admission record three months ago was documented in the NEHR. All the scans of the kidneys, blood tests and results of the chest x-ray. With the reports, the doctor was able to avoid ordering duplicate tests and quickly treat his fever and the infection!

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