National Electronic Health Record (NEHR)

Since 2011, the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) has been progressively deployed to both public and private healthcare institutions across Singapore to support "One Patient, One Health Record".

Owned by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and managed by the Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS), the secure system collects summary patient health records across different healthcare providers. This enables authorised healthcare professionals to access the NEHR to have a holistic and longitudinal view of your healthcare history.

Benefits of the NEHR

With "One Patient, One Health Record", authorised healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses and pharmacists) would be able to deliver safer, better and more personalised CARE for you.

You can access some of your health records by logging in to HealthHub, a national one-stop health portal, at www.healthhub.sg or by downloading the HealthHub app available on iOS and Android platforms. 

We also care about your privacy

From 28 Nov 2021, you will be able to see the history of accesses made to your records in the NEHR via HealthHub. The names of the public healthcare cluster and private healthcare insitutions will be listed under the NEHR Access History section in reverse-chronological manner for the past one year.

Connects Healthcare Professional for Patient-Centred Care

The important summary of your health record is securely stored in one place electronically. This enables multidisciplinary healthcare professionals across Singapore to work together to provide better care for you.

For example, your doctor would be able to access your health record and work with your specialist or therapist to develop a holistic care plan for you.

Achieves Better Health Outcomes

With a better understanding of your healthcare history through the NEHR, your doctor will be able to deliver more effective care and help you achieve improved health outcomes by making better-informed diagnoses and decisions for the best course of treatment to improve your health.

Raises Patient Safety

With the NEHR, doctors will be able to view medication prescribed, medication allergies, diagnoses, and investigation results to deliver safer care. This is useful in cases where you or your caregiver is unable to recall the names of medication prescribed or diagnoses by other doctors, or may be unable to speak (eg. loss of voice, unconscious). This could avoid unnecessary adverse drug reactions. In a medical emergency, access to critical information on the NEHR could save your life or your loved ones.

Enhances Patient Experience with Seamless Care

If you need to transit to a different health setting, for example, from a GP clinic to a hospital, or from a hospital to a nursing home, the NEHR helps you to move seamlessly across providers. This will mean greater convenience for you, saving you time and money by minimising duplication of tests and investigations.

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