• Damin Ong and the Wonders of HealthTech

    ihis healthtech systems analyst damin ong
    Sep 29, 2020

    ​​Damin is a Systems Analyst who is excited about the integration of technology into our nation’s healthcare. Learn about his journey here.

  • Meet Ashley Lee, HealthTech Problem Solver

    ihis healthtech business analyst ashley lee
    Sep 29, 2020

    ​​Ashley’s HealthTech career got a boost when she joined the IHiS Graduate Development Programme. Find out more about her experience here.

  • Cybersecurity Engineer Shares Expertise with Global DAM Community

    IHiS Healthcare Cybersecurity Engineer Rakesh Chinta
    Sep 16, 2020

    ​​Rakesh Chinta is not only IHiS’ cybersecurity hero working behind the scenes to keep Singapore’s public healthcare data safe and secure from cyberattacks. Globally, he has earned an esteemed reputation in the cybersecurity community.

  • A Tribute to Our Superheroes from Clinical Informatics Group

    Aug 01, 2020

    ​​IHiS’ Clinical Informatics Group leaders, Assistant Director Suhailin Abdul Aziz, and Senior Lead Informatics Specialist Wong Leong Hui, share how they developed healthtech solutions to improve processes at public hospitals.

  • Bringing Public Healthcare Services Closer to the Community

    IHiS Business Strategist Jimmy Lauw from the Telehealth team
    Jun 17, 2020

    ​​IHiS Business Strategist Jimmy Lauw from the Telehealth team shares why he’s back in HealthTech, and how he is currently driving the provision of telehealth services to public healthcare institutions.

  • Making a difference, One Code at a Time

    May 10, 2020

    ​​Software Engineer Marry Teo is a HealthTech Ninja Coder, and she shares how working in Singapore's HealthTech Agency fulfils her ambition of technologising solutions for better care to patients.