HealthX - Inspiring Health through Innovation 

Your HealthTech innovation journey begins here.

An innovation hub to bring HealthTech ideas to reality, HealthX provides multiple pathways to support you (public healthcare institutions/agencies, and industry partners), no matter which stage you are at in your smart health innovation journey.

We’re looking for ideas and solutions that can transform how care is delivered and influence behavioural change effectively for a Healthier SG (refer to the HealthX Innovation Themes below). Whether you have an idea on paper, are looking to develop or test your prototype, or seeking support to scale your innovation, HealthX provides the innovation platforms and enablers (refer to the innovation programmes below) to help inspire health through innovation.

Embark on a journey of discovery with us to build HealthTech for a Healthier SG.

HealthX Innovation Themes

As the national HealthTech agency and partner to public healthcare institutions in Singapore, we aspire to enable innovation through collaboration with all healthcare ecosystem partners, so as to build a Healthier SG in the years ahead. The following HealthX innovation themes are the areas of focus to shape the innovation opportunities.

Empowering individuals: for behavioural changes towards healthy living and self-care

Empower individuals in charting their own journey towards better health.

Powering up primary care sector: for integrated, enhanced and team-based care

Uplift the primary care sector and raise productivity in healthcare delivery

Connecting healthcare ecosystem: for streamlined, timely and secured exchanges and care coordination

 Transform our healthcare system and shape the population’s health


Have an idea, problem to solve or solution to improve public healthcare that does not fit into any of the existing innovation themes? Innovation is limitless. Submit a proposal with your own challenge statement.

Find out more about HealthX innovation themes here.



HealthX Programmes 

HealthX programmes provide platforms and enablers to shorten your time to market, and maximise the potential of your HealthTech innovation. Look out for more upcoming innovation programmes!

HealthX Network
For industry partners

Have a HealthTech innovative solution? Be part of our network to support healthcare innovation!

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Co-Innovation Lab
For public healthcare institutions

Need expertise to solve your pressing healthcare challenges? Be ready to reimagine the solution with a patient-centric approach, get access to capabilities for rapid prototyping and accelerate experimentation for healthcare innovation!

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