The AI in Health Grand Challenge supports multi-disciplinary research teams to conduct research and development on how to better address Singapore’s chronic condition epidemic. It’s run by AI Singapore, a national programme launched by the National Research Foundation to anchor deep national capabilities in AI.       

Project Teams

Three teams have been selected to compete and create solutions on how to stop or slow disease progression and the development of complications for chronic conditions.

Jarvis DHL – Transforming Chronic Care for Diabetes, Hypertension and Hyperlipidemia with AI

Who's involved
NUS, Singhealth.
What project is about

• To develop an AI system to gather local healthcare data to create AI algorithms and models

• To facilitate evidence-based personalised care and shared decision making by primary care physicians

Explainable AI as a Service for Community Healthcare

Who's involved
What project is about

​• Focus on advanced AI with prototype devices built for deployment and testing in a community setting

• Use an “AI as a service” approach to provide advice, tools (such as food logging) and lifestyle coaching

An End­to­End Adaptive AI­Assisted 3H Care

Who's involved
What project is about

• System to periodically assess the status of 3H patients, and identify pre-3H persons based on early behavioural patterns, health symptoms and other non-medical factors

• To also develop approaches to create long-term behaviour change through gamification

Supporting Partners