• 5 tech tools behind Singapore’s vaccine rollout

    Health tech tools IHiS Alan Goh VacTech
    Aug 02, 2021
    GovInsider Asia

    ​​GovInsider published an interview with Alan Goh, IHiS Assistant Chief Executive and Deputy Chairman of the VacTech Workgroup to feature IHiS’ efforts in VacTech.

  • AI Futures: How AI is augmenting Singapore’s healthcare

    Health AI IHiS Dr Goh Han Leong Data aNalytics & Ai (DNA)
    Jul 29, 2021
    GovInsider Asia

    ​​GovInsider published an interview with Dr. Goh Han Leong, Principal Specialist, Data aNalytics & Ai (DNA) to get his wide-ranging views on how the use of data and AI is augmenting Singapore’s healthcare.

  • How telehealth is shaping the future of accessible care

    IHiS AI down syndrome pregnancy
    Jul 07, 2021
    GovInsider Asia

    ​​GovInsider published an article that highlighted IHiS’ plans to use AI to analyse genomics data – this is especially useful in determining risks such as Down syndrome in pregnancy.

  • How this Singaporean hospital is preparing for the next pandemic

    Changi Genera Hospital IHiS CAPE COVID-19
    Jul 01, 2021
    GovInsider Asia

    ​​​GovInsider published an article that mentioned IHiS and CGH's development of CAPE and the use of telehealth in combating future pandemics.

  • Charting Singapore’s path towards integrated healthcare

    IHiS GovInsider Andy Ta Pneumonia
    Jun 10, 2021
    GovInsider Asia

    ​​At the recent ‘Connecting the dots for integrated healthcare’ webinar, Andy Ta, IHiS’ Director of Data Analytics & AI who shared that IHiS has developed a tool to assess pneumonia patients’ risk levels.

  • Feature on HealthHub application

    IHiS Hao96.3FM HealthHub
    Jun 07, 2021
    96.3 HaoFM

    ​​IHiS Assistant Director Michael Su introduced the functions of the HealthHub application on 96.3 HaoFM programme, including how to check COVID-19 appointment and vaccination records.