HealthX Co-Innovation Lab: A springboard for your health innovations

The HealthX Co-Innovation Lab enables collaboration on healthtech innovation between public healthcare institutions and industry partners. Learn more about how public healthcare institutions can leverage this platform to rethink problems, design and build prototypes or experiment with innovation solutions by tapping into resources from HealthX Co-Innovation Lab.

Ideate and Experiment with HealthX Co-Innovation Lab

User and Patient-centric solutions

Adopt a user and patient-centric approach to problem solving, and developing solutions for the wellbeing of you and your healthcare institution.

Rapid Prototyping & Experimentation

Provide flexibility to experiment with new ideas in an agile manner.

Enable continuous innovation using emerging technologies such as Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, IoT, Robotics, Edge computing, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, and Blockchain.

Lower Cost of Experimentation

Experiment with your prototypes at a lower cost with a pay-as-you-go pricing and credit model.

The focus is to think big about delivering modern public healthcare services and digital infrastructures to serve Singapore residents and advance the national agendas.

Access to Capabilities

Access to pro-bono services from our tech partners for innovation coaching, solution architecture, prototyping and more.

Who should apply

We welcome all Singapore's public healthcare institutions and agencies to apply.

HealthX-AWS Co-Innovation Lab

HealthX collaborates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Singapore Cloud Innovation Center, which brings together public sector organisations to collaborate and accelerate innovation to address citizen needs, to launch the first ASEAN Co-Innovation Lab for public healthcare.

Leveraging AWS expert insights and technology, the HealthX-AWS Co-Innovation Lab offers greater access to innovation expertise, capabilities and platforms to accelerate your HealthTech innovation journey.

Explore possibilities for your health innovation project through the HealthX-AWS Co-Innovation Lab:

Identify and better understand the problem statements

Through the HealthX-AWS Co-Innovation Lab, we work with you to identify your organisation's problems/opportunities by deep diving into the issues and understanding your needs better.

Innovate using AWS cloud mechanisms

The HealthX-AWS Co-Innovation Lab uses proven innovation techniques to generate ideas and visualise solutions to solve complex challenges and enhance the end-user experience.

Access a network of builders and innovators

AWS partners and internal teams with diverse experience will collaborate with you to develop new solutions.

Prototype and prove value

Experiment with 200+ AWS services to build a prototype, learn what works, and scale to meet your needs.

Connect with us

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