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As Singapore's HealthTech agency, IHiS is the architect and implementer of IT systems supporting the operations of 46 public healthcare institutions, and works with over 500 partners such as general practitioners community hospitals, nursing homes, and VWOs.The work of IHiS is closely aligned to the priorities of the Ministry of Health. Our IT systems are designed with the patient in mind, with the following aims:

Improve patient accessibility
to healthcare services

Improve quality of
patient services

Improve cost effectiveness for
our healthcare system through
IT-enabled productivity measures

Using technology, IHiS undertakes the following:

Enabling Transformation of
Singapore's Healthcare System

Supporting and future-proofing
the operations of 46 public
healthcare system

Supporting the rapid expansion of Singapore's healthcare system, building the IT infrastructure for new healthcare institutions

As we seek to exchange knowledge and share best practices of digital healthcare systems from around the world, we host visits by other like-minded HealthTech agencies from various nations.

To find out more about the work that we do and how you can partner us, drop us an email at

Past delegation visits include:  

1. Finland, Minister of Social Affairs and Health - February 2015, September 2018
2. Chile, Ministry of Health - May 2015
3. Suzhou Industrial Park - July 2015, June 2016, October 2018
4. Hong Kong Health Authority - September 2015, December 2016, July 2018
5. South Korea, Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning - October 2016

6. Scotland, National Health Services - January 2017
7. British High Commission, Head of Trade - July 2017
8. British High Commission, COO Healthcare UK - November 2017
9. New South Wales Shadow Minister for Health - January 2018
10. Tatarstan, Deputy Minister of Health - January 2018

11. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich - January 2018
12. Thailand, Ministry of Public Health - February 2018
13. British High Commission, Capita Healthcare UK - March 2018
14. ADB-Dutch Chamber of Commerce - March 2018
15. United Arab Emirates, Ministry of Health - April 2018

16. French Embassy and French Chamber of Commerce - July 2018
17. Norway, Board of Technology - October 2018
18. Australian Capital Territory, Minister of Health - November 2018
19. Malaysia, Minister of Health - November 2018
20. Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions - February 2019

21. UK, National Health Services Digital - April 2019

Hosting the delegation from the UAE Ministry of Health in April 2018.

Tatarstan delegates from health-related government agencies and hospitals on a knowledge exchange with IHiS in January 2018.

Annual exchange with Hong Kong Health Authority in 2017 and 2018.

Delegates from Suzhou industrial park on their annual visit to IHiS in 2016 and 2017.

Finnish delegation comprising healthcare technology companies visiting IHiS in February 2015.

Chilean delegates learnt about IHiS-CGH's award winning systems, the Emergency Department (ED) Dashboard in 2015.