Perks @ IHiS – Benefits and Fun!

Being a company that believes in meritocracy, we employ some of the best in the industry and are always on the lookout for new talents who are brimming with fresh ideas and passionate about making a difference. Talents are indeed our greatest assets in IHiS. Because our wonderful teams work hard to improve the lives of others, likewise, it is important to us that we take care of them and their families. 


We are proud to say that we’ve got awesom​e perks and offer industry-competitive rewards to our people. Every year, we engage reputable salary survey companies to understand salary market trends. Our standard benefits for university graduates and experienced executives include attractive vacation leave, with other time-off perks such as family care leave for you to bring your parents or children for medical appointments. Our generous medical benefits include reimbursements for General Outpatient, TCM and Specialist Treatments which are also extended to your spouse and children, as well as comprehensive healthcare, accident and life insurance coverage. All IHiS-ians also receive flexible benefits that can pay for holidays, wellness, other leisure activities and more. For parents-to-be, your pre- and post-natal consultations and hospital delivery fees are substantially subsidised, and a warm welcome gift awaits your little one! 


Good work-social harmony is also woven into IHiS’ culture. We work hard and play hard together! All year round, our organisation-wide events including our Family Day, Dinner & Dance, festive celebrations, team bonding sessions, and special interest group events inject more fun into work life. And just like any healthy family, we hold a plethora of events for smaller engagements, such as monthly birthday celebrations, fishing sessions, barbeques, paintball se​ssions, cooking sessions, laser tag competitions and more!

Career Development & Learning

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Voices of Our People

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Programmes & Activities

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