H-Cloud Data Centres: Job Roles

Vocation​What They Do
Technical Architect​Review and provide inputs to the infrastructure design of new systems to ensure overall alignment
Billing Management​Manage the on-boarding, billing of subscribed services and service catalogue
Process Management​Manage the standards and processes governing the H-Cloud operations to ensure alignment to standards
Automation Team​Design and develop automation tools and systems
Duty Engineers​System related tasks, such as patching, setting up new systems/servers, decommissioning of systems
Network Engineers​Monitoring the flow of network traffic to ensure that your messages and transactions are flowing smoothly
System Engineers​Provision of new servers, managing and monitoring the health of the servers to ensure high availability and that the processing of information is timely
Storage Engineers​Managing the storage capacity and monitoring the storage system to ensure that the data can be stored and retrieved smoothly
Backup Engineers​Managing the backup infrastructure to safeguard the data by ensuring it is backed-up in a timely manner and has the ability to be restored when required

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