Career Opportunities for Fresh Graduates

Career Opportunities
  • Systems Analyst

    Modify, enhance or adapt existing or proposed systems with the purpose of improving business efficiency and productivity. Analyse user needs and participate in the integration of new features or improvements. Get involved in systems development processes; contribute to defining technical product specifications; configure and test products and solution. Develop documentation and user guides for system implemented.

  • Systems Engineer

    Ensure optimal performance and availability of infrastructure-related services. Provide primary support and implementation of desktop, hardware, software and security-related solutions.

  • Software Engineer

    Work closely with systems analysts to translate user requirements into system technical design, develop quality applications, participate in systems testing, and provide technical support to users.

  • Data Analyst

    Design, develop, test and implement data warehouse systems for Business Intelligence (BI) reporting and analysis. Generate BI reports, and develop dashboards and data models using BI tools. Analyse, integrate and turn large volume of data into meaningful insights that support business processes and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Cybersecurity Analyst

    Support the development of cybersecurity strategies and policies. Identify, assess, monitor and track cybersecurity risks and compliance issues. Support the identification of and response to cybersecurity incidents. Assist in developing cybersecurity capability enhancement programmes and provide regular cybersecurity updates at various management forums.

Job Openings

 Graduate Development Programme (GDP)

When you join IHiS' Graduate Development Programme (GDP), you'll have access to an active support network of Programme Directors and Project Managers, as well as coaches.

To assimilate you into IHiS, you will go through a structured on-boarding Foundation Development Programme that comprises a combination of external and internal modules as well as comprehensive virtual classroom-based and on-the-job training. All these will aid you in establishing a strong foundation on which to build a rewarding career in IHiS.



Advantages of our Graduate Development Programme (GDP)

Benefit from the first-hand experience in working on solutions during the Programme. GDP participants also enjoy:

Virtual team bonding activities

Access to senior management

Development of survival skills through soft skills and technical training for fast assimilation into workforce

Opportunities to improve skillset with virtual classroom and on-the-job training

Participation in a variety of activities with a tight-knit and exclusive GDP support group

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Testimonials from Graduates

"I am thankful to my supervisors for their support throughout my GDP. They spent a substantial amount of time helping me understand the system. Apart from our weekly meeting update, there were multiple one-to-one sessions to resolve any issues that surfaced together. Most importantly, they had no reservations when it came to sharing their knowledge and years of experience.” ~ Damin Ong, Senior Systems Analyst 

"The first two weeks of the GDP are a Foundation Training Programme that taught me many valuable skills. I attended training courses conducted on many 21st century workplace competencies such as problem-solving, creative thinking, personal grooming and personal leadership. I am appreciative of IHiS willing to invest in such training programmes for fresh graduates. It will provide us with a head start to cope with the demands of the workplace.” ~ Ashley Lee, Systems Analyst

"I formed strong bonds with my teammates throughout the 6-month journey. GDP allows us to form a community and support group of like-minded graduate peers. I am forever thankful for the friendships forged during that time. Even now, we still try to keep in touch with one another.” ~ Ashley Lee, Systems Analyst


​​​Internship ​​at IHiS 

Ready to unleash your potential?​

IHiS partners all local polytechnics and several local universities for our internship programme. Our internships allow students to work on real-life systems - not just prototypes! Venture with us and work on the latest technologies and healthcare systems to make an impact to healthcare in Singapore! ​


What Qualities Do We Look For? 

Application Process (For both internship and graduate applications)