As Singapore’s healthtech agency, we are united by a strong sense of purpose. Centered on the health of our population, we challenge ourselves to build the most intelligent technology that will transform lives and impacts the well-being of our nation, every day.


 Core Domains / Functions


IT Governance and Defence
  • IT Architecture

    We are responsible for enterprise architecture, solution architecture and data standards for public healthcare. We guide and support the execution of technology programs to develop high performance, resilient and safe systems. Apply for IT Architecture jobs here:

  • IT Strategy & Governance

    The IHiS Strategy & Governance team develops IT strategies and enforces them to support the company’s operations. Our areas of expertise include data protection, Health IT Policy, IT audits and quality assurance projects. Apply for IT Strategy & Governance jobs here:

  • Cybersecurity & Information Security

    We protect Singapore’s public health systems, networks and devices and guard against cyberattacks, accidental data leakage, and intentional data theft. We do so through cyber risk management, cybersecurity strategy and policy implementation and digital forensics and incident response, among others. Apply for Cybersecurity & Information Security jobs here:

Technology Services
  • Emerging Technology

    We explore the development and application of new technology such as IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that can potentially improve the work processes for healthcare staff and the delivery of care to patients. Apply for Emerging Technology jobs here:

  • Data & Business Analytics

    The IHiS Data & Business Analytics team has a passion for data science and data analysis. We deliver meaningful insights through data to our healthcare partners. We do so by going through four major steps – from data collection, data processing, data modelling to data visualisation. Apply for Data & Business Analytics jobs here:

  • Infrastructure Services

    The IHiS Infrastructure Services team aims to provide the best infrastructure in terms of availability, reliability and performance so that our healthcare partners can continue to deliver care 24/7. We provide enterprise computing services, end user computing services, cloud services, network servers and security services. Apply for Infrastructure Services jobs here:

  • Operations & Support

    We ‘keep the lights on’, ensuring business continuity and resilience across all our public healthcare operations. We specialise in service operations management, cloud operations, business change and transition, resiliency planning and data quality management. Apply for Operations & Support jobs here:

  • Clinical Informatics

    We study and look into how healthcare data such as Covid-19 test results and medication records must be structured to be retrieved by medical teams easily and used in reports or medical evaluations. We also work closely with healthcare partners such as doctors and nurses to improve their workflow. Apply for Clinical Informatics jobs here:

  • Software Development & Integration

    We translate user requirements into system technical designs and develop quality software applications. Our team members have an eye for detail, and are keen to participate in systems testing, and provide technical support to users. Apply for Software Development & Integration jobs here:

  • Programme & Service Delivery

    We develop and integrate systems and technologies, making healthcare experience more seamless for our healthcare partners. We manage programmes and projects and conduct business analysis. Apply for Programme & Service Delivery jobs here:

Corporate Services
  • Legal & Procurement

    We tackle challenging legal issues for the company. Under the same department, the procurement team oversees the purchase of all IHIS's assets and provides strategic counsel on procurement for cross cluster projects. Apply for IHiS Legal & Procurement jobs here:

  • Communications

    We champion strategic employee communications & external communications that showcase how IHiS’ technologies transform Singapore’s public healthcare, including branding, collaterals, media pitching, social media, website, publications, awards submissions, events, and more. Apply for Communications jobs here:

  • Human Capital & Resource Management

    We take care of all people matters including recruiting talents, developing core programs to nurture new leaders and enhance capabilities, and injecting fun into the workplace. The Resource Management team works closely to ensure optimal manpower planning for the organisation. Apply for Human Capital & Resource Management jobs here:

  • Finance & Administration

    At the heart of IHiS is our Finance team that keeps the company on track. More than just managing budgets, they produce intelligent business analyses that provide great insight for business decisions. The Administration office ensures our office amenities are in tip-top shape. Apply for Finance & Administration jobs here:

  • Corporate IT

    We oversee the IT strategy, develop and implement the IT policies and goals for the organisation. The team also analyses the business requirements of different departments and conducts feasibility studies to determine the best use of technical resources. Apply for Corporate IT jobs here:

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