Chief Architect’s Office At a Glance

IHiS Chief Architect’s Office (CAO) is responsible for enterprise architecture, solution architecture and data standards for public healthcare. We guide and support the execution of technology programs to develop high performance, resilient and safe systems.

Chief Architect’s Office (CAO) reviews more than 200 solutions each year spanning a wide variety of technology such as robotics, internet of medical things, machine learning, serverless computing and hybrid cloud.

CAO is the solution architect for large scale strategic projects, and also support programs to enrich digital services for the individual, and to expand the IT ecosystem for healthcare partners.

CAO's data standards team publishes healthcare terminologies that underpin the sector-wide information architecture.

Work of IHiS Chief Architect’s Office

Juggling growth, innovation, and transformation with rationalisation and operations stability daily, IHiS Chief Architect’s Office supports the healthcare sector’s large, complex computing environment, including 70,000 endpoints and 700 systems.

Discover how CAO plays a part in Singapore’s HealthTech:

Envision and Plan

architecture blueprints, implementation roadmaps

Develop Solutions

for flagship projects and innovative tech

Define Information Standards

enabling data exchange & analytics



IHiS Chief Architect’s Office continues to guide the HealthTech response to technology forces and the demands of healthcare transformation.


Some of our projects include: 



IHiS’ Chief Architect’s Office supported the development of the Health IT Master Plan (HITMAP). HITMAP articulated the required healthcare shifts, business capabilities, IT capabilities and business-IT transformation programmes in support of Ministry of Health’s 3 Beyonds.

Healthcare Tech Stack

healthcare tech stack

The healthcare sector Tech Stack enables the rapid development of new capabilities through extension and integration. This is a composite of multiple domain tech stacks, and multiple layers of tech stacks for application enablers and infrastructure components.​

Singapore Drug Dictionary

singapore drug dictionary

Our healthcare and technology staff worked together to define Singapore Drug Dictionary, which is used in multiple workflows in the ecosystems from procurement, to clinical care, to billing. The Chief Architect’s Office steps in to support adoption of international standards, such as SNOMED and LOINC, by providing reference

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