Tips for a Good Submission

What makes a good submission? Unclear about the categories? Here are some useful tips from the National Health IT Excellence Awards committee to help guide you along.

1. Registration is Compulsory
• Register online to obtain your login credentials and password

2. Follow the Rules
• Read the criteria, instructions and Award categories carefully
• Submit your answers in the appropriate category and thoroughly review your submission against the guidelines
• Adhere strictly to the word limit. Anything over the stated word limit will not be taken into consideration

​ 3. Highlight Achievements, Include Statistics
• Demonstrate your project achievements by describing its impact on healthcare workers and patients
• Statistics are compulsory. Support your submission with quantitative outcomes, i.e. statistics that compare business, healthcare, etc. outcomes before and after project implementation

​ 4. Stay on Point
• Clearly outline deliverables
• Keep answers succinct

5. Remember Your Audience
• Judges are from both healthcare and non-healthcare industries, and may not understand technical jargon or acronyms
• Spell out acronyms when first used
• If technical jargon needs to be used, explain them when necessary