Improving Standards of Care at SunLove Home Through Telemedicine

This pilot collaboration between Sunlove – a charitable home for the intellectually infirmed – and SengKang Hospital, trains nurses on the Modified Early Warning System (MEWS) and the use of telemedicine.

The adoption of telemedicine involves the use of both audio and video consultation between Sunlove’s residents and doctors located off-site at hospitals. It facilitates quick and accessible communications, allowing for timely and appropriate care to be given to its residents following a MEWS assessment.

Telemedicine has reduced the time taken to arrive at an accurate diagnosis by 90%, saving about 174 hours monthly previously spent on diagnosis – the bulk of which being time spent travelling to and from the hospitals, and in waiting rooms. The need for re-hospitalisation has also decreased with the home’s improved ability to manage residents’ medical conditions without admission. This has led to an increased sense of well-being amongst residents, who previously commonly put up resistance in the form of both physical and verbal aggression when the need to be at the hospitals arose.     

Telemedicine benefits about 30 patients monthly at Sunlove Home.