Electronic Licensing Medical Records System (ELMeRS)

About 5,000 Singapore-registered pilots and air traffic controllers are required to undergo periodic medical examinations in order to be certified fit to exercise the privileges of their licence. Previously, a paper-based system meant long turnaround times before the results of these medical examinations were available. This situation was exacerbated by the wide distribution of CAAS’ appointed medical examiners who need to deliver the paper documents to CAAS. Any delays in the process could disrupt the pilots’ and air traffic controllers’ work. 

ELMeRS was conceived to improve the efficiency and responsiveness of the medical examination and certification process. It is a fully electronic integrated medical records system that not only provides secure online access for clinics as well as individuals, but also serves as an end-to-end business process management system.

With ELMeRS, the core medical examination and certification processes can be completed within 24 hours as compared to seven days to complete for the paper-based system, of which the bulk of manual processing was spent on handling of paper records, such as compilation and dissemination to various locations This has resulted in significant time savings and productivity gains.

Taking the Aeromedical Review process as an example, ELMeRS has made an additional 1,500 pilot and air traffic controller man days available annually, due to the more efficient reinstatement of pilot and air traffic controller Medical Assessment.

Furthermore, it is not just the end-users who benefit from the productivity gains. With a suite of data rules inbuilt into ELMeRS, support staff save 225 man days annually on checking for data errors. Automatic generation of medical reports also removes the need for manpower to churn out such reports. Savings on manpower costs amount to about $250,000 annually.
On top of improving productivity, physicians within the network are also able to make better decisions thanks to ready access to past medical data of individuals during the evaluation process.

The custom built ELMeRS includes 12 key functional modules that support the wide range of processes undertaken during a medical review. It links up the 5,000 end-users with more than 100 business users, which include CAAS medical examiners, clinic assistants and CAAS’ panel specialists, and has been operational for a year.