MOH Healthcare Utilisation Dashboard (HUD)

The MOH Healthcare Utilisation Dashboard (HUD) is a visualisation dashboard that provides real-time situational awareness and a holistic view of patient loads and bed capacity at all public hospitals’ Emergency Departments (ED). It automates the previously time-consuming and labour intensive administration processes, and eliminates the need for staff at Public Healthcare Institutions (PHIs) to manually prepare reports, allowing them to better focus on more strategic and analytic work, such as forecasting ED demands.

Data is crucial in allowing MOH and the PHIs to make informed and timely decisions. In the past, the collation of data was a laborious process, and could only be done once a day. Reliance on manual reporting by the PHIs also meant that ad hoc requests could take up to weeks to be implemented.

The HUD allows MOH and PHIs’ senior management to have an accurate and up-to-date view of the ground situation, on both a localised as well as nationwide level. Equipped with this information, decision-makers are able to foresee potential chokepoints and respond by managing or redirecting demands on the healthcare system. For example, during haze periods, analyses of ED patient diagnoses can support interventions aimed at relieving the strain on hospitals. Hospital EDs can better allocate their resources to handle the anticipated increase in patient loads, and MOH can encourage the public to visit GPs instead of EDs.

Since its release in Feb 2013, the HUD has significantly improved situational awareness of ED patient loads and hospital utilisation at the national and PHI level, with data timeliness improving from a daily to hourly frequency. MOH staff are also empowered to access the data and tools at their convenience, for faster response to policy questions.