Corporate Social Responsibility

​Bringing Joy, Making a Difference

Here at IHiS, we are committed to making a difference. We develop smart technologies that revolutionise public healthcare institutions, we enhance the quality of patient care, and most importantly, we touch lives.

Ingrained in our values of trust and respect where we care for one another, the IHiS DNA is one with heart. We believe in encouraging our staff to be socially responsible and play an active role in the local community.

Charitable Giving

Through collaborations with non-profit organisations, we hope to transform the lives of people in Singapore. In 2017, we held fundraising efforts for two charities – Love Pal Club and TOUCH Community Services. By selling handmade terrariums and handicrafts, we managed to raise over $9,000 to support projects and families championed by the organisations.  

We also encourage self-driven initiatives. Our staff participate in the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore annually, and some even dressing up as their favourite movie characters to raise funds for their selected charity.

Afternoons with Friends

​​We hope to foster the spirit of volunteerism amongst our staff. Through regular visits, we seek to befriend an​d warm the hearts of the residents at Assisi Hospice at Thomson. Our adopted charity, Assisi Hospice provides personalised quality care to adults and children with life limiting illnesses.  From magic shows to sing-along sessions, we hope to bring joy and laughter to the residents at the centre and also prepare goodie bags filled with love and daily necessities for the residents.



ASEAN Paralympics

Supporting nation-wide initiatives, IHiS actively participates in the various events organised at the national level. In December 2015, we accompanied clients from the Handicap Welfare Association (HWA) to watch the ASEAN Paralympics Basketball match. Besides cheering on the teams with the clients, we wheeled the clients on a short tour of the Sports Hub. We also ensured that their needs and mobility were well taken care of throughout the day. Through the performance of the para-athletes during the Games, we hope to bring motivation and inspiration to our friends from HWA.


 Tree Planting Day

Nurturing our commitment towards caring for the environment, a Tree Planting Day was organised as a special event to commemorate Clean and Green Singapore during Singapore's jubilee year. The event is part of the SG50 Mass Tree Planting initiative, where 5000 new trees were planted island-wide to encourage Singaporeans to tak​e greener steps to build our City in a Garden. More than 80 staff shovelled hard under the hot afternoon sun along Sungei Serangoon Park Connector. Guided by NParks' staff, we planted and fertilised 50 young trees. The species of these young trees include Alstonia Angustiloba, Cratoxylum Cochinchinese, Gardenia Tubifera, and Pometia Pinnata, , which could grow up to 40 metres!

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