Health IT Master Plan (HITMAP)

​The Health IT Master Plan, or HITMAP, is a strategic technology roadmap with 7 transformation programmes that guides the development of ICT initiatives for healthcare to advance the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) three shifts: moving care Beyond the Hospital to the Community, Beyond Healthcare to Health, and Beyond Quality to Value.


HITMAP: 7 Transformation Programmes

Population Profiling
Develop common data analytic capabilities to link data across our healthcare and other non-healthcare data sources, to provide actionable insights into our population.
Population Enablement
Develop a common platform for providers to deliver relevant information and services to empower patients/caregivers/consumers, collect new information as well as enable interaction.
Prevention & Continuity of Care
Develop a set of common capabilities to allow Regional Health Systems (RHS) to execute primary, secondary and tertiary prevention programmes and integrate various providers' IT systems in different settings to provide continuity of care to patients.
Provider Care & Operations Excellence
Enable the primary and intermediate & long-term care sectors with basic IT for them to connect with public health institutions (PHIs) to share information about patients; rationalise our PHIs’ IT systems towards our target architecture to optimise our IT effectiveness.
Healthcare Financial Excellence
Ensure patient healthcare affordability and improve visibility in costs and outcomes to be more cost effective in our sector.
Policy & Public Health Workbench
Identify common information needs and develop common capabilities to collect and analyse data to support policy formulation and public health management.
IT Foundation & Resiliency
Develop common foundational IT capabilities to improve scalability and resiliency.