Corporate Strategy

In today's global and dynamic environment, there is considerable pressure for healthcare reform to focus on Integrated & Population Care. With population trends that skew towards the aged; more and more people are succumbing to chronic diseases, practising sedentary lifestyles that promote unhealthy habits and obesity. All this places a huge burden on healthcare, especially in the public arena. 
​Adopting this approach allows healthcare delivery systems to better manage rising costs and scarce resources.  A successful healthcare delivery system would be one which provides Quality and Affordable care, readily, Accessible to people from all walks of life based on medical need. 


At IHiS, we firmly believe that innovative technology holds the key to safer, more efficient care; providing new forms of access to abundant knowledge with process automation to increase accuracy and timely intervention. The ava​ilability of integrated patient health information augmented by the best recommendations science can offer, will allow for better outcomes and create value for patients and providers. 


Utilising our inherent strength, knowledge, and ideas in Healthcare IT, we work closely with our healthcare partners to understand how we can support their clinical and business needs with the intelligently designed systems.

Together with the various healthcare stakeholders, IHiS management and staff are committed and motivated as to BUILD a strong IT foundation based on a robust infrastructure with core clinical and enterprise capabilities, and ​innovative solutions that help build world-class public healthcare in Singapore.