CEO's Message


Technology has been a key enabler in the transformation of healthcare. Since its inception in 2008, IHiS has pushed the boundaries in the digitisation of healthcare, architecting the national IT strategies and roadmaps for healthcare, connecting and analysing complex systems across Singapore’s health ecosystem. The seamless integration of data, use of machine learning, and robotics have dramatically improved productivity and enhanced patient safety and experience.


Our mission is simple. Our ultimate aim is to improve our population’s health and health administration by integrating intelligent, highly resilient and cost effective technologies with process and people. Centred on the health of our population, our mission gives us a strong sense of purpose, one that deeply impacts the people around us. I like to think of IHiS as a super hero of sorts, pioneering innovative healthcare solutions, delivering robust and resilient systems, and serving as guardian and protector against the perils and threats of modern technology and those who abuse it.


Our thriving teams of professionals are diverse with expertise in clinical informatics, computer science, data science, mechatronics and other technologies. Driven with a resilient spirit, our people strive every day to design, develop and deliver the next generation healthcare solutions that are agile, high-performing, sustainable, and scalable with deep and lasting benefits for the population of Singapore.


True to our business of integration, we believe that no man (or organisation) is an island. Collaboration is the linchpin of our culture, deeply embedded in our DNA. We partner companies that share our philosophy, and leverage each other’s expertise to co-create breakthrough technologies that address Singapore’s healthcare challenges, and expand their business opportunities.


The future of healthcare technologies is exciting, with immense opportunities. Partner us in building the future of healthcare to bring Singaporeans better health, better care, better life.

Bruce Liang
Chief Executive Officer, Integrated Health Information Systems